Welcome to Topfloor Music. We specialize in digital mastering, editing and song enhancement. That means turning good recordings into great radio masters. We have worked with many bands and labels helping them create perfect mixes.

This website will allow you to hear samples of our work and give details on how to send your songs. All we need is the stereo mixdown of your tune NOT individual tracks. We use multiband compression, parametric EQ and sonic enhancers to add width, depth and volume. It's always best to send a song that hasn't been over compressed or finalized (part mastered).

Rates: Our rates are unbeatable and all our work is guaranteed. That means the job is only complete when you are totally happy. We charge 20 per song or 54 for 3 songs. 10 song album = Negotiable.

FREE OFFER: We insist on mastering your first song for free. We offer this to build trust with new clients. This will also allow you to hear what we can do for your music.

TOPFLOOR MUSIC SAMPLES: Click here to hear samples of our work. We cater for all styles of music.

HOW TO SEND YOUR MUSIC: Click here for details on best file formats and ways of sending your tunes. You can email your song or send CD through post. We aim to master your tracks and have them back to you within 48 hrs.

MYSPACE LINK: Click here to visit our Myspace page. You can read comments/reviews of our work. Myspace has allowed us to reach and work with many bands and labels around the world.

EMAIL: Click here to email us

CLICK HERE TO EMAIL YOUR SONG (wav or aiff best formats)

TOPFLOOR MUSIC, 134 Fortess road, London NW5 2HP
Pete (020) 7482 3774 or mobile 07847 658752.

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